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Last Will and Testament

A last will and testament is the most basic form of estate planning. A will is a written document with instructions for disposing of assets after death. It is also important for you families because it is used to appoint the guardian and conservator for minor children.

Revocable Living Trust:
A revocable living trust, also known as a family trust, is a dynamic document where the settlor of the revocable family trust transfers their assets to the trust during their lifetime. This allows for the probate-free transfer after death of the settlor. Additionally, a revocable family trust provides you with many options for distribution after death, including holding assets until a child obtains a certain age or achievement (i.e., graduation from college) or to protect your assets so a child does not lose them to creditors or in a divorce. A Revocable Living Trust also provides for your care in the event of disability

Living Will:
A living will is a written statement detailing a person's desires regarding their medical treatment in circumstances in which they are no longer able to express informed consent, especially an advance directive.

Power of Attorney:

The authority to act for another person in specified or all legal or financial matters.

Marital Agreement:

A marital settlement agreement spells out the terms of the divorce and the relationship between the two spouses after the divorce. These agreements usually cover property division, child custody, child plans, debt division, spousal support and any other relevant issues related to the divorce.

Heathcare Power of Attorney:

A health care power of attorney allows you to grant a trusted person, known as an agent, the authority to make medical and end-of-life care decisions on your behalf.

Beneficiary Designations:

Beneficiary designations can overrule your will. It's important to know how this works for retirement accounts and insurance policies.

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